Chaos in the Old World

The Gathering Storm - Session 4

Ride the Lightning

The following day the party decided to head out to the surrounding countryside and visit the Holtz farm. They planned to follow up on the lead that Reiner Holtz had been seen driving a wagon pulled by a white pony out of the city the same night Florian Weschler disappeared.

Before heading out, they stopped at the ramshackle hut of Hildette Krass. They had heard that the old spinster occasionally provided remedies for the poor women of the town. The heroes hoped that perhaps they could get a few healing droughts from her. However, they soon learned that she was practicing magic and turned her into Captain Kessler as a witch.

Meanhwile, Urgan spoke to a man scooping up dung in the street named Waltrout Glockner. Apparently he sold the dung to the local tannery. Waltrout claimed to have seen Madriga Brenner leaving the back door of the Burgomeister’s quarters late one evening. He also mentioned that his good friend Lazarus Mourn was burned to death for necromancy about a year ago.

On the way to the Holtz farm, the group spotted a glow on the horizon and smoke rising into the air. Soon they came across a farm completely destroyed by fire. Symbols of Chaos had been scrawled on the few remaining structures in blood. The also discovered a wooded sign the read “Eigel” that had been trampled into the ground. Satisfied that this was not that Holtz farm, the party moved on.

Finally, they arrived at the Holtz farm and found Tristan Eigel and Fritz Holtz arguing loudly in the middle of barnyard. Tristan seemed to be accusing the Holtz’s of having something to do with the Eigel farm burning down, while Fritz argued that it was actually Tristan’s fault. The argument appeared about to turn deadly but the party managed to help diffuse the situation.

The Holtzes invited them inside and the party got a chance to interrogate them a bit. They eventually learned that Keila Cobblepot sometimes drugs guests and sells them to the Holtzes to use as sacrifices to the local beastmen that live in the nearby marsh known as the Oberslecht. The Holtzes claimed that these sacrifices are the only thing that keeps the beastmen from razing the farms of the nearby and attacking Stromdorf itself.

The Holtzes get the PCs to agree to meet a mysterious creature named Foaldeth. Foaldeth turns out to be beastmen shaman. He asks the party to steal an object known as the Lightning Stone. Foaldeth explains the beastmen revere the stone and see the raging storm as a sign from their gods that it is time to attack the nearby city. He also says that if the PCs can kill the current leader of the tribe, Izka Madtooth all the better.

The party traveled deep into the Oberslecht and found the beastmen herdstone with the Lightning Stone lashed to it. The stone is constantly the target of lightning strikes. They defeated many of the creatures, killed Izka Madtooth, and grabbed the Ligtning Stone. They headed back out of the Oberslecht with the stone.


How did Madtooth die? I think he was beheaded by a mighty swing from the sword master Paelious Drannor!

The Gathering Storm - Session 4

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