Chaos in the Old World

The Gathering Storm - Session 6

The Garden of Morr

After destroying the zombies in Thunderwater Inn, the party heads out into the streets of Stromdorf to help. They immediately come to aid of a couple members of the town watch. Afterward an elderly man hobbles down the street screaming “It’s alive! It’s alive!”. He’s dressed in purple robes, has a wispy beard, and a pronounced stoop. He desperately pleads with the party to follow him to his home.

The heroes arrive at his home to find an articulated skeleton hanging in his study which has come to life. Grommel leaps into action and bashes the skeleton to pieces. The thankful old man introduces himself as Hieronymus Kopfchen, a former professor of history and linguistics at Altdorf University. He offers the PCs some tea, which they accept since the zombie crisis seems to be over. He tells them that this reminds him of the stories of Olaus Stichelm and his successful defense of Stromdorf against hordes of undead some 500 years ago. The town reveres Stichelm and a statue of him stands in the market square.

When they return to the inn they find Captain Kessler and his men gathering up the bodies of the zombies to be burned. Kessler is furious that some of his men were killed by the zombies. He also puts all watchmen on duty throughout the night guarding the walls.

The next day the party awakens to Sebastian Brenner knocking on the door. He hands them a note from Kessler saying to meet him in one hour outside the Town Hall. The party grab a quick bite in the taproom where the mood is subdued and all conversation is around the undead attacks the night before.

When the get to the Town Hall, Captain Kessler tells them that Burgomeister Adler wants to talk to them. They head upstairs to his private quarters and are ushered into a well appointed office that looks out over the town square. As they enter Niklas Schulmann is leaving. It’s obvious that he’s been asked to help in some way, but claims to be too busy with his current studies. He seems relieved to see the party and remarks that they are more than capable of handling the situation.

As rain continues to pound outside, Adler explains his reason for summoning them. The party learns that the burgomeister had obviously been involved in an affair with Sebastian Brenner’s wife, Madriga before her suicide. Adler says he had a dream the night before where her skeletal form came to him clutching the silver pendant he had given her. She seemed to be requesting help.

Captain Kessler remarks that he’s sure this all has to do with the deceased necromancer Lazarus Mourn somehow. He asks the party to head out to the Garden of Morr about an hour outside of town and retrieve the priest Brother Grabbe to interpret the dream. He offers the group 50 silver each for their trouble.

Feeling greedy, Fergis Maelstrom makes a lame attempt to guilt Kessler into paying up front. The captain isn’t to be trifled with, however, and doesn’t budge.

The party leaves the Town Hall and finds Schulmann waiting outside in the rain for the party. He claims to have had strange visions while studying the Lightning Stone. He says a saw a dead woman leading a dead army. At her side was a dead hero wielding a greatsword and clad in armor decorated with dragons. The party deduce that the dead hero is probably Olaus Stichelm.

Finally the party head out to the Garden of Morr. They discover that they are being followed by Waltrout Glockner. Confronting him, he claims that he was simply heading to the garden as well to check on his friend Brother Grabbe. Soon the arrive at the River Tranig. Waltrout tells them to ring the nearby bell and Brother Grabbe will come out and ferry them across. However, after ringing the bell and waiting several minutes no one shows up which distress Waltrout a great deal.

Grommel volunteers to swim out to the ferry boat and bring it across. The Tranig is slow moving so it is an easy swim. However his attacked by small school of Reik eels.

After crossing the river the party stands before the black wall of the garden. The only obvious way in is through the Liche Gate which leads into a black tunnel that passes under the wall. All natural light extinguishes when they enter the tunnel and Fergis has to use a great deal of concentration to keep any magical light lit. In the tunnel they lose Waltrout somehow and are briefly frightened by a swarm of bats.

They emerge from the tunnel into a temple to Morr. There is a low bier in front of an altar and a nearby font. Presumably this is where the dead are blessed before being interred. Embalming chambers line the temple. As the party is investigating they are attacked by several zombies. They make quick work of the zombies and prepare to continue their exploration.



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